Graduation Ceremony EAE. Campus Madrid

Date: Thursday 27 th May 2024

Venue: Pabellón Multiusos Madrid Arena I Av. de Portugal, s/n, Moncloa – Aravaca, 28011 Madrid

Pabellón Multiusos Madrid Arena | Madrid Destino (

Pabellón Multiusos Madrid Arena – Google Maps

Duration of the ceremony: To be confirmed. Estimated time: 18:30/21:30

Arrival time for students and guests: 17:00

Attendees: Students of EAE Madrid and EAE Distance Learning.

EAE Madrid contact email:

EAE Distance Learning contact email: If you have doubts about whether you can attend or not, you should contact Ricard Moreno or Víctor Carné to confirm if you are gradable.

How do I confirm my attendance at the event?

We will notify you by email when the registration period opens on the platform. When you register, you must have your Student ID number at hand. We will send you your ID number in the registration email, but you can also it find on your Student Card. If you cannot find it, please write to us at If you are a Distance student, you can write to us at

It is also important that you register using the same email address at which you want to receive the invitation. Even if it is inactive, you do not need to worry. When you register, we give you the option of adding an email address to receive all the notifications that we will send you.

We will send you the information with plenty of notice so that you can prepare all the materials required for registration. Make sure that you have all the information at hand when you register. Once you have completed the registration, you will not be able to edit the information.

Is there a deadline for confirming attendance at the event?

The registration period ends on 10/06/24. After that date, any queries should be sent to

How do I find out my Student ID number for registration?

It is important that you read the whole email. It contains your Student ID number. For any queries, please write to us at If you are a Distance student, you can write to us at

How many guests can attend with me?

You have invitations for two guests to accompany you to the Ceremony. You simply have to indicate this when you register.

Could I invite more guests?

As you are aware, the number of places at the Ceremony is limited, so we cannot guarantee that you can bring a third guest to the graduation. However, you can request an extra invitation by email to and we will be in contact once the registration period has finished to tell you if there are any free places left. We will contact you to confirm the possibility of bringing an extra guest after the registration period closes on 17/06/24.

If I require a visa for my guests, what documentation do I need to submit to the consulate?

If you need a letter of invitation to get a visa, please contact the Academic Secretary’s Office at the campus at and they will prepare the document for you. To do so, they will ask you for the passport number and full names of your guests.

IMPORTANT: This is an invitation letter for the visa management of the guests, it is not a letter for the visa extension of the students.

How do I get to the venue?

We recommend accessing by public transport, taxi or VTC, due to the high attendance expected.


  • Line 6: Alto de Extremadura Station
  • Line 10: Lago Station


  • Line 31: Plaza Mayor Exit
  • Line 33: Príncipe Pío Exit
  • Line 36: Atocha Exit
  • Line 39: Opera Exit
  • Line 65: Plaza Jacinto Benavente Exit 

If you come by car there is a paid parking nearby. Check the access map here.

How long will the event last?

The timetable is yet to be confirmed, but it is sure to be in the afternoon/evening. The ceremony is expected to start at 6:30 pm, so students and guests can start arriving from 5:00 pm. We will let you know as soon as the timetable is confirmed 100%.

Will the qualification certificate be presented on the day of the graduation?

The qualification certificate will be sent by certified post but not on the day of the Graduation Ceremony. This is an institutional ceremony to mark the end of the program.

If you have any queries with respect to your qualification certificate, please contact the Secretary’s Office at EAE Madrid (

When and how will students get their graduation sashes?

The sashes will be presented at the venue on the day of the Ceremony. The event schedule will specify the time at which the sashes will be given out. Please follow the Organizers’ instructions and the map left on each seat at all times.

Is it possible to watch the event live online?

The Graduation Ceremony will be streamed live. As the date approaches, we will share the link to the live stream, which you can pass on to your family and friends, and share on social media. It is important that they connect before the start of the event.

Will the event be followed dynamically on social media?

You can follow the Ceremony dynamically on our social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How will I know where my guests and I should sit?

STUDENTS. When they arrive at the venue, students must show their invitation at the entrance to the pavilion. Your assigned seat will appear on the invitation.

GUESTS. Family members and guests should sit in the seats reserved for ‘Guests’. The team organizing the event will be available all over the venue to clear up any doubts and tell you where you should be at any given time.

If I am a student from a previous graduating class, can I attend the ceremony?

We are afraid not. The previous classes graduated in the respective year.

If I have already had my graduation but, for some reason, I have re-enrolled in a course taught in the current academic year with the class graduating now, can I attend the ceremony?

We are afraid not. Your graduation ceremony was held for the class of the year that you started your Master.

Is there a dress code?

The graduation ceremony is a formal academic event, so the mandatory dress code is suit for men and cocktail attire for women.